Baby Sleep Sack


2015-12-20 18.20.15 2015-12-20 18.20.26


About grandmassewingstudio

Hello! My name is Rachel Ragus. You have arrived at my personal blogging space! This is where I put all kinds of projects that I am currently working on or small glimpses into my life. I enjoy making quilt tops, sewing, machine embroidery, crafts, primitive rug hooking, cross-stitching and reading.

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  1. This is quite lovely but I’m wondering if you would explain it further. Sleep sack for a newborn? Warm part of the country? What are the large wraps for? No offense meant – I read Books for Dummies when I’m trying to figure out something new. 🙂

    • Yes this is a Sleep Sack for a newborn. I did this for a friend here but she is giving it to someone that lives in Arkansas. Sorry, I’m not sure what part of the state she lives in so I don’t know what their weather is either. No offense taken, there are not bad questions. If you don’t ask then you will not know the answer.

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