Monthly Archives: March 2013

Easter 2013


I finished this cute little outfit for my grandson last night.  It did not quite turn out like I planned. I ordered a green gingham long-all that is taking a month to get so I will not have it on time for easter so my daughter sent me these denim overalls.  Two of the designs that I planned to use were too big so I chose something different so that I could use the same fabrics.

Overall it is still cute. I think that next time I would put the rabbit on a cute blue gingham and then sew it on as a pocket and then put a little blue gingham handkerchief in the back pocket.  I wish you all a blessed Easter.


Mystery Quilts


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At the Mystery Quilt Retreat, we all do the same quilt but they all have a very different look and it is amazing to see them at the end of the weekend. All the pieces are cut for us and we put them together based on each clue as we get it to create blocks and then the blocks are put together so that we can see the end product. I really enjoy these retreats and hope we do another one next year.