2013 Goals & Projects


What kind of goals and projects do you bloggers have in mind for 2013?

I have been working on my list of goals and projects that I want to get done this year and it seems to be growing like wildfire but here are a few:

1.  Set up and open and Etsy shop

2. Set up and open and Ebay shop

3. Get a tax I.D/Business License

4. Clean & organize house & sewing area

5. Eat Healthier

6. Set up a budget and save more

7. Finish 2 rugs

8. Scrap quilt

9. 2013 Mystery Quilt

10. Turkey Quilt

11. Birth Certificate/Passport

12. Portable Chalkboard, Stocking, Training Pants for Grandson

13. Tree Skirts: Valentine, Fall, Mardi Gras & Patriotic

I have already started on some of these but I will have to go next weekend and find a new camera so I can work on pics for my Etsy shop and I need to find some type of storage items to work on organizing the house and sewing area.

I spent yesterday setting up my Weebly and Linkin sites and got a lot of cleaning done.


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  1. Be BLESSED, and accomplish, if not all at least half. My is being mindful, and content to work with what I’ve. Praising God, and reading his word for HE is Good, and HE is Love. Mtetar

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