Classes now online(!)


If any of my friends are interested in learning to blog. This is the class to take. Holly is very helpful in teaching this and she also teaches this class at LSU Leisure Classes.

Blogging for Beginners

Ready to start blogging? Today is your lucky day, because the class is now offered online!

Blogging for Beginners covers the blogging world from all angles, including how to start, writing and publishing entries, promoting, maintaining, interacting and more. While emphasizing the content of your very own blog, this class will also hone your skills at utilizing your web host, applying the design and widgets to further communicate your ideas to readers.

Blogging basics addressed in this class:

  • What, why, who, & how
  • Choosing, using the right host
  • Posting entries, photos, & videos
  • Maintaining and promoting

Upon completing class, participants should be able to effectively:

  • Create, design, & name a blog
  • Post written entries, photos, video, & podcasts
  • Reach a desired audience with specific content (business, hobby, etc.)
  • Relate & interact with bloggers worldwide
  • Utilize SEO tactics & social media to promote a blog
  • Be able to maintain a successful…

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About grandmassewingstudio

Hello! My name is Rachel Ragus. You have arrived at my personal blogging space! This is where I put all kinds of projects that I am currently working on or small glimpses into my life. I enjoy making quilt tops, sewing, machine embroidery, crafts, primitive rug hooking, cross-stitching and reading.

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