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2012 Mystery Quilt


This is my 2012 Mystery Quilt that I mentioned in the previous post.   We all did the same quilt but each of them were done in different fabrics.


Weekend Retreat


ImageImageImage   I just got home from spending the weekend at the Judson Baptist Retreat Center in Jackson, LA.  If you want to undwind and unplug from technology, this is the place to be. There is no television, no internet and very little phone service.  If you want to talk on the phone then you have to go walk around outside until you find a spot with service and stay still in that one spot.  The staff are so nice and the food is pretty good. If you go home hungary it is your own fault.

I have been here several times in the past but this is the second time this year.  Pamela Grigsby with Fabric Krazy Quilt Shop in Baton Rouge  planned and organized a mystery quilt retreat back in February and we had about 20 people but this time we only had around 15 people and you could bring whatever project you wanted to work on.  We had quilters and rug hookers at this retreat.  I made a Chubby Charmer Bag and worked on my Star Trip Quilt that I started a long time ago and will post at a later date.

Hurricane Isaac


The week of Hurricane Isaac was a little stressful.  I was in Baton Rouge during Hurricane Gustav & was so afraid this hurricane was going to be a replay of the past.  During Gustav we were stuck in one bedroom with a small air conditioner, cooking on a little one burner unit & the lights were out about two weeks.  Our lights were out for only a couple days this time but we have a generator that is hooked up to the main gas line.  The generator did good for a little over 24 hours then just shut down. Something was draining the battery.  They had it up and running again within a couple hours but we had to shut off the central air and just run the small air conditioner with the ceiling fan until the power was restored.  I am so thankful that it was not too bad on our side of Baton Rouge and that we had no damage.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the people and families that lost so much in these hurricanes.

We were off work for a couple days so I had a lot of free time, so I decided to work on some rag wreaths that I had purchased all the materials for and wanted to try my hand at making.  I followed a tutorial on pinterest for a site called Sassy Sanctuary but I needed more fabric than she used. I am not sure if I was tying the strips closer together or my wreath form was a little bigger but I am pleased with the results.  My first wreath is a Halloween wreath that I am making for my daughter and it has five different fabrics in it.  The second wreath, I made for myself and I used seven fall fabrics.  I already have ideas for wreaths you will probably see in the future.